ProV Ultimate Steamer

Caring with the Power of Steam!

The ProV Ultimate Steamer is the ultimate solution for ironing, touching up and caring for home textiles AND clothing.

The integrated steam generator produces a strong and constant flow of steam which penetrates deep into the fabric. It perfectly and carefully irons even the most delicate fibres.

The steady, strong flow of steam effortlessly handles every type of fabric. Regardless of whether it’s a simple weave, wool with sequins, printing, embroidery, sequins, silk brocades or even puff sleeves – all without burning, scorching, shine or sheen. Absolutely safe and simple to use for perfect results every time.

Thanks to the innovative attachments:

- Clothes brush => Iron and remove residues in one step.
- Lint collector
=> Fluff, fibres and hair removed efficiently!
- Crease press
=> perfect creases in your trousers and shirts

                                         ....the ProV Ultimate Steamer is much more than just a handy steam iron!

But thats not all - the Upsell is an attraction too!  


                                             The space saving wonder for your wardrobe!

Organize your wardrobe and make room for new items.The innovative, ultra-slim design requires up to 70% less space and the special surface prevents clothes inconveniently slipping off. Includes attachable shoulder pads - finally stop those unsightly bumps in your jumpers. And the handy clips secure your skirts and trousers perfectly