Mr. Juice

The ultimate health centre

Fruit and vegetable juices are the most valueable that nature provides. They supply us with vitamins and nutrients and should be consumed daily.

With Mr. Juice you obtain the optimum levels of vitamins, nutrients and taste.

The high-performance stainless steel sieve with its mega-sharp scarifier teeth and the nano-sieve, in conjunction with the powerful electronically regulated drive unit, separate unhealthy and harmful substances from the healthy juice.

The extra-large, round filler opening with a diameter of 5 cm makes juicing really straightforward. You can even add large piecesconveniently and easily – without any effort.
But that's not all! 

The Juice Booster is the ingenious way to store freshly-squeezed juice. If juice sits for a period of time, the solid components separate to the bottom. Once you briefly shake the juice booster, the unique mixing spiral thoroughly mixes perfect juice again!