Harry Blackstone

The ultimate knife with surface refinement

For this 10-piece knife set the blades have had the Harry Blackstone surface treatment making them totally non-porous.
This guarantees unique non-stick properties and incredible sharpness.
The Harry Blackstone universal knife is the absolute highlite. Use it for 90% of the jobs in your kitchen! It has 3 differently honed segments, and is therefore perfectly suited for virtually any task.

Whether for meat, bread, vegetables or even cheese, the cut is always clean. And with the serrated blade you can  even cut frozen food, effortlessly

All knives have the unique and newly developed anti-slip handle. The ergonomic handle has silicone-rubber inserts that ensure the hand always has a secure grip on the knife!


But that´s not all! 

The upsell for this incredible Knife-Set is an attraction too! The beautifully shaped Knife-Block in elegant Harry Blackstone Design stores your knives safely and keeps them ready to use at all times!

Flexible bristles inside the knife block means you can get the knife in the slot every time - the knives are always easy to insert!

Protects the blades and is also hygienic, as the plastic bristles can be removed and cleaned in the dishwasher!