Handy Bulb

The anywhere, anytime light

You can make dark, scary nooks and crannies a thing of the past - Handy Bulb can light up anywhere at any time and all without wiring.

Whether it’s in a basement, a garage or a cupboard, Handy Bulb is the best solution for any situation and it doesn’t need an electrical supply.

Forget the inconvenience of laying electrical wiring and installing a light. Handy Bulb sticks to any surface.


Save time, money and effort and add light in 3 simple steps:

1) Remove protective film
                         2) Attach mounting base
                                            3) Insert Handy Bulb, swith on and let there be a light!

Use the Handy Bulb as a fixed wall light, as a lightweight portable lamp, as a bedside light or when travelling - with Handy Bulb you always have light exactly where you need it

And best of all, Handy Bulb uses energy-saving LED technology - light that goes on and on and on...!!!                                               Good for the environment and your pocket!